Parks and Trails in Cayuga County

Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work & Play has worked with a number of local municipalities to create or enhance local trails. In an effort to increase access to places where people can be physically active we have created trail cards for the trails we have worked with. All of our trails are FREE and open to the public. There are three Urban Trails located in the City of Auburn, NY. Two other trails are outside of the City of Auburn. Each trails hosts it's own unique characteristics. Maps of the trails are available by clicking the titles of the trails below. Be a Super Model, Walk our Trails!

Downtown Loop

Features a 3 mile loop through historic landmarks located in Downtown Auburn, NY. This walk also features a cross-walk painted red, to remind and encourage motorists to stop for pedestrians in cross-walks. Since painting the cross-walk red, more motorists have been stopping for pedestrians. Map.

Fort Hill Cemetery

Around 1 mile, this trail takes you through the hills of the cemetery to see the final resting places of some of Auburn's most citizens. Two of the most famous people buried at Fort Hill are William H. Seward and Harriet Tubman. Stroll through history at Fort Hill. Map

Historic South Street

Two miles long, this trail follows the newly dedicated Harriet Tubman Memorial Highway which is New York State Route 34. Sidewalks guide you along this path through history showing you homes of Auburn's most famous citizens.  Map

Cayuga Village Recreation Trail

Features a  2 and a half mile trail that highlights all the beautiful aspects that nature has to offer. Walk through a wooded nature trail and down to Harris Park. Bring  your picnic basket and blanket and enjoy a snack along side Cayuga Lake. You can swim and fish here. There is also a kayak launch along the trail. In addition to kayaking the trail hosts activities that include walking, biking, snow shoeing and cross country skiing. One unique feature that makes this trail different from our others is that there are fitness stations placed through out the Fitness Spur section. Map

Over 140 acres in size, this park hosts a number of trails ranging from a half a mile long to a mile long. Come enjoy nature and history along the Erie and Cayuga-Seneca Canals and historic canal sites. The parks hosts many activities to suit a wide variety of interests, ranging from bird watching and walking to biking, snow shoeing and fishing. Benches are available for resting spots throughout the trails. Map

This listing does not include all of the Parks and Trails that Cayuga County has to offer, it only showcases the trails Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work & Play has worked with.

Other parks and trails in Cayuga County and New York State can be found at:

Cato-Meridian Recreation Trail

Nature trail – is located behind the recreation center, middle and elementary schools.

Observatory station – in the center of the trail is a wooded pavilion with a bench located on the water. It is great for viewing migratory waterfowl in the fall and spring and other wildlife such as deer and bald eagles. 

Bald eagle nesting sites – throughout the trail.


Cayuga Community College Trail

The Cayuga Community College Nature trail is a 15 acre site locatedbehind the campus on Franklin St in Auburn, NY. The property is owned by Cayuga County and maintained by Cayuga Community College. When the College moved to the Franklin St. campus in 1959, the Nature Trail was farmland. In 1978, man-made ponds were added to the trail. Map